Alpha Male Tea Party are a loud Instrumental Rock band from Liverpool, UK. Following on from 2017s ‘Health’ (Big Scary Monsters), the band will be back in 2020 with a brand new record and live performances. Since Health was released in 2017, the band have been through something of a metamorphosis thanks in no small part to the more challenging aspects of existence. The new record promises to be darker, more intense and ultimately more human than any previous release to date. Catch them at festivals and shows across the UK in 2020.
Rock Sound said: “tear-jerkingly beautiful… furious, and all in all, it’s pure, 18-carat fun. Fun is never a bad thing, right?” – 8/10
Total Guitar said: “Describing Alpha Male Tea Party is something of a challenge, so let’s settle on ‘predominantly instrumental, utterly exhilarating heavy rock.’”
The Skinny said: “their rewardingly complex racket jumps from awe- inspiring metallic proficiency to jagged post-punk gnarl; from brain- crushing heaviosity to wordless, jaw-to-the-floor anthems.” – 4/5