For Fans Of: Russian Circles / Baroness / The Ocean

Balancing on the edge between noise, post metal and gothic rock – this is Blodet from Skellefteå in the north of Sweden.


A longing for huge waves of sound, unconventional song structures and dissonant chords was and still is the reason for Blodet’s existence. After four years as an instrumental outfit, Umeå based Hilda Heller joined in late 2018 and the first songs with her vocals were recorded a year later, soon to see the light of day.


That the band is birthed less than two hundred kilometres north of Umeå is perhaps no coincidence – this fertile ground spawned a world-renowned hardcore scene in the 90’s that echoes to this day. Two of Umeå’s most famous alumni – Refused and Cult of Luna – have already seen the potential of Blodet and offered the band support slots. Now, they look forward to breaking out of the frozen north with their unique sound that nods as much to the bleak psychedelia of Swans as it does to the fury of their aforementioned countrymen.