Hailing from South Yorkshire, Body Hound began as a two-piece sounding like a more groove-laden instrumental version of The Locust and consisted of Ryan Bright (Drums, Redmist Destruction, Tim Butane) and Calvin Rhodes (Guitar, formerly Antares). This line-up was completed by the addition of bassist Joseph Thorpe (Zozo, formerly Rolo Tomassi, Doctrines, Then Thickens) and guitarist Joe Nicholson (formerly Rolo Tomassi).

Is Body Hound ‘raw talent’? Are they ‘fresh meat’? No. They have over 65 years worth of musical experience between the four of them. That’s exactly why they’re able to compose and perform as they do.

TL;DR – Old men shake guitars at cloud. Sounds like big stupid ideas in a handy listenable format.