Nottingham’s earthtone9 spent nearly a decade in the deep freeze after a messy implosion in 2002. The quintet appeared to be long gone – another casualty of music industry indifference and internal conflict – yet in 2010 they unexpectedly resurfaced to play to rapturous receptions at both the Sonisphere and Damnation Festivals. This was followed by last year’s new EP (the Pledge Music funded ‘For Cause & Consequence’) which showed a band completely renewed with vigour and enthusiasm.

And now the next stage of earthtone9 has surfaced. The band has announced that they plan to record a brand new album in the autumn of 2012. Once again they intend to use the fan driven mechanism of Pledge Music. (Pledge allows supporters of the band to ‘pledge’ money in advance of the release on a wide array of exclusive items).

To kick off the campaign the band recorded a one-off single with rock uber producer Chris Sheldon (Foo Fighters, Biffy Clyro etc), and are offering it completely free to all and sundry. The track, ‘Horizons End’, is available completely free from

A hulking, lurching behemoth of a tune, ‘Horizons End’ rides in on a sledge-heavy riff and builds to one of earthtone9’s most melodic choruses. As frontman Karl Middleton explains “It definitely represents where the material for this new album is at. It feels like a mix of the face pounding heaviness of ‘Arc Tan gent’ with the experimental twists of our swansong ‘Omega’ EP. We could not be more excited about people hearing it.”

“We have recorded this new single specifically to give away and let people hear where we are at musically,” Karl further explains. “We really love the Pledge Music model. The direct link with music fans. The immediacy and purity of the dialogue.

“So here’s our message: Please download the ‘Horizons End’ single. If you like it, paste the download link on your facebook page. Tell your friends. Help us spread the word. AND THEN ‘PLEDGE’ ON THE NEW ALBUM ON OUR PLEDGE PAGE. If enough people put their money where their mouth is we will be able to unleash every note we have written direct to your ears.”

Anyone pledging on the album project will receive exclusive updates, behind the scenes video and access to unheard material over the coming months.