For Fans Of: Pianos Become the Teeth / Envy / Heaven in her Arms

Fall of Messiah is a French post-rock quintet with strong post-hardcore hints and screamo feels. Constantly surprising their listeners, the band switches between chaotic riffs and mind-blowing emotional parts, with a 3-guitar wall of sound.

Taking its influences from screamo, post hardcore and postrock, the band was first known as a mathcore act with a singer, but evolved over the years to offer a more atmospheric instrumental music à la Envy with backing vocals.

Not giving up on their hardcore roots, the band is known for their very intense and powerful live appearances, they played +400 shows around Europe and UK, playing every show as if it was their last.
Always trying to be as close as they can to their audience, the band plays most of their shows without microphones, bringing a more intense side to their music with vocals directly mixed into the sound. They kept this way of work in their studio releases, mixing the vocals as a sixth instrument.

Influenced by their environnement and history, (they all come from a small French Flemish village, Saint Jans Cappel), Fall of Messiah draws its sounds, lyrics and works from metaphoric visions of life and science. Working as a collective, the 5-piece is trying to push themselves forward to create a whole concept when they release new sounds, most of the time along with hand drawn artworks with hidden details.

They are back with their 5th studio album, 4 years after their last effort, Empty Colors, which allowed the band to play in festivals such as Mainsquare (fr), ArcTanGent (UK), Dunk!festival (be) and Ieperfest (Be), to name a few.

Senicarne, their new album, is a cathartic postrock journey mixed with the intensity of screamo and post hardcore, always on the tightrope of emotions.