For Fans Of:  Battles / Black Midi / Tool

Rarely is a name so befitting of what the band stands for as with HEISA, the trio with musical gold in their hands and their feet firmly planted in Limburg soil.

Aptitude test: their eponymous debut that was unleashed in early 2018 and oozes spunk, impeccable timing and undeniable cinematic qualities.
Possessed yet measured. Uncomfortable yet subtle. Disorienting yet catchy. It’s all Heisa, and preferably at the same time.

In the best tradition of unruly bands ranging from Bon Iver to Tool, Jacques Nomdefamille (also Peuk), Koen Castermans and Jonathan Frederix have forged seven songs that run the gamut from surprise and enchantment to castigation. HEISA plays around with rhythms, atmospheres and keyboards, breaking the carefully constructed tension with punishing guitars and waves of distortion at just the right time. The vocals do not monopolise the listener’s attention but instead complement the other instruments.

On the road HEISA leaves a trail of destruction in its wake. Their live shows are exciting, slightly theatrical and flirt with the boundaries of the humanly bearable. Just ask around in Ostend, where people are still recovering from their appearance at Theater Aan Zee last year (‘The most exciting performance we’ve seen in a long time’). Or in Ghent, where HEISA sent the fans at the Handelsbeurs home in rapture. Or in Kortrijk, where they played an epic set at Sonic City Festival.

They bagged both the prize of the jury and the public prize at the 15th edition of De Beloften.

This spring their single ‘Bassenge’ was picked up by Eigen Kweek (Studio Brussel).

Early this year HEISA was signed by Kortrijk/Ghent-based record label Mayway Records (Mooneye, Black Leather Jacket, JTOTHEC).
Their first full-length album is set to drop next year.
To shorten the wait Mayway Records and HEISA are re-releasing this powerful (and hopelessly sold-out) debut on vinyl and CD. Available now!