For Fans Of: Portal / Gorguts / Miles Davis

“We are elated to be a part of the UK’s Arctangent festival. It is truly an eclectic and curated festival and we are excited to bring the golden ritual all the way from New York City.”

Born in Metropolis: Imperial Triumphant embodies the sounds of New York. As are their diverse musical influences, they hear the chaos, the menagerie, the perils, and majesty of the apex of civilization. The music reflects high societal luxury juxtaposed against the absolute filth & urban decay that makes up Gotham City. Like the corpse of a giant; What was once so bright, grand and spectacular, is now filled with greedy maggots writhing towards their share of ‘success’. They don’t support it nor are they against. They only play the sounds of New York City as they hear them.
Imperial Triumphant have released four full length LPs and two EPs since
2012. The band has been touring around the world in support of their music and gathering fans. Their last album ALPHAVILLE landed them on the cover of Decibel Magazine as well as numerous top ten lists for album of the year. The band is currently working on their next album to be released on Century Media Records.