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Performing on the Elephant in the Bar Room stage, sponsored by Waterbear.

Jakub Zytecki is a guitar player and composer from Poland, mostly known as a member of his band DispersE, from which he recently departed. He’s been slowly shaping up his identity as a solo artist over the last 4 years, releasing a debut solo album ’Wishful Lotus Proof’ in 2015, followed by two EPs : ’Feather Bed’ and ’Ladder Head’ in 2017.

The sonic structure of the EPs foreshadows his new musical inclinations, that became the foundation for his upcoming second full length album „Nothing Lasts, Nothing’s Lost”, released in October 2019.

Jakub played his very first solo live shows in August 2018, when he was offered to open for Plini during his Summer European tour.

Polish musician formed his brand new live band by asking his good friends Józef Rusinowski (drums) and Michał Sarapata (bass) to help him translate his music into a live situation. Supported by additional synthesizers and samplers on stage, they managed to play with the depth of Jakub’s arrangements in a real time, doing way more than simply playing only their own instruments.

After quite successful and well received first shows, Jakub came back to his studio to finish his 2nd full length album ‚‚Nothing Last, Nothing’s Lost” that was finally released in October 2019 and supported by his first headline show in Tokyo as well as an Australian tour with Plini and Nick Johnston. He’s about to continue his touring adventures in 2020.