Behind the moniker Kairon; IRSE! there are four inner space travelers from western Finland. In 2014 their debut album Ujubasajuba knocked the planet off its orbit, even though it was done as a DIY Bandcamp release. Since then the band has performed at various large festivals both in Finland and abroad. The follow-up Ruination was released in 2017. The further development of their blend of noisy pop, shoegaze and psych rock brought them critical acclaim and the album established its place in the canon of Finnish genre-bending freakout fusion.
As the new decade unfolds, Kairon; IRSE! prepare to pour down their multicoloured dreams thru your cerebral cortex on their highly anticipated new 3rd album, Polysomn. A treasure-trove of glitching, elated sounds, that takes psychedelia into a new dimension, Polysomn brings to mind the melodic lightning of bands like Dungen, the chainsawing alternative guitar fuzz of My Bloody Valentine, the sparkle and dreamscape of Slowdive, and the technological envelope-pushing of Radiohead’s outsider works.

With the band fully in control of their distorted, euphoric bliss-machine of psychedelic post-rock, the result couldn’t be more refreshingly pop. Every twist and turn of Polysomn’s acid-laced chaos is calculated in shimmering brilliance and maximised for the heavy ecstasy of sonic enlightenment. We doubt that 2020 deserves a more blissful audio trip than Polysomn, going interstellar from the 11th of September 2020, via Svart Records.’