Luo are Josh Trinnaman & Barney Sage, whose music lies on the fringes of electronic and organic music, merging the two worlds to create a fusion of celestial, energetic and off-kilter yet accessible music.

Having met whilst touring together in 2017, the two bonded over their mutual love for certain artists, predominantly in the electronic and rock music genres and quickly realised that each of their compositional and conceptual approaches to making music would work well together. Following this, and despite being 150 miles apart, they started to send each other ideas over social media and to develop the latest iteration of Luo. Luo was originally formed by Trinnaman, beginning as a solo producer and gradually evolving into a four-piece band. During this iteration the project would release their debut LP ‘Sleep Spindles’ on Brighton-based indie label Small Pond Recordings, alongside performances with the likes of Shigeto, Mammal Hands, Mouse on the Keys, Emancipator, Three Trapped Tigers, Hidden Orchestra and many others would follow, including various festival appearances, inner-city festivals and gigs across the country.

The pair’s influences are varied and numerous and include (but are not limited to) Jungle/Drum ’n Bass/UK Bass genres, IDM/ Breakcore, folk/acoustic music, post/prog/metal/math-rock bands both contemporary and older, hip-hop/jazz, neo-classical and video game soundtracks – not content with staying in one place, Luo frequently hops around and places more emphasis on these various styles from release to release, whilst maintaining the project’s sonic identity.

Their live show consists of Sage on drums and keys/synths, Trinnaman on keys/synths, guitar and electronics. Visual/VJ artist Josh Harrison also contributes his glitchy, VHS-style visuals to the project, performed in real-time with the band to create a captivating audiovisual display.

Their collaborations with Josh Harrison go beyond live performance, with the three conceptualising Luo’s videos that feature Harrison’s corrupted VHS-era visual aesthetic to visually represent and reflect the project’s themes and design aspects.