Suzy LeVoid’s solo project Miët was born out of necessity, a necessity to play at all costs. A self-taught bass player, the desire to write and perform her own music quickly led her to start this one-woman rock band, where vocals and bass are the strong foundations of her brutal yet sincere compositions.

Uninterested in fitting into a particular genre, Miët’s music organically takes form around the everchanging sounds of her bass that she routinely experiments on, transfiguring it into unknown entities through her many effects pedals.

On stage, the frantic energy of her compositions takes on a life of its own. Building on loop after loop with as much ferocious grace as exquisite precision, Suzy takes on the audience by storm. But it is in its multifacetedness that Miët holds its true power. Subtly jumping from brute strength to soulful fragility, her music sores. At times quiet and melancholy, then suddenly raw and animalistic, her voice is the key to this emotionally charged tempest of sights and sounds. One thing is for sure, her at once dark and hope-filled music will not leave you indifferent.

After a first EP, Cryptids, Miët is back with her new album Stumbling, Climbing, Nesting, a cinematic exploration of sounds ranging from the most aggressive noise rock to the subtlest of ballads, mixed together with industrial rhythms, heart-wrenching vocals and the ever-present
experimentations that form a coherent think piece about the absurdity of man.