For Fans Of: Converge / The Dillinger Escape Plan / Deafheaven

Hailing from London, UK, PUPIL SLICER released their debut album, Mirrors, via Prosthetic Records in March 2021. Combining all the sharp edges of angular mathcore with the bonecrushing intensity of grindcore, PUPIL SLICER have already left their mark on 2021.

Having spent two years honing their craft and refining their sound, PUPIL SLICER set out to record new material in 2019, with Pedram Valiani of Frontierer/Sectioned overseeing production, and mastering taken care of by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. In late 2020 they released the single, L’appel Du Vide featuring Carson Pace of the Callous Daoboys, paving the way for this full-length to follow. Mirrors captures the frenetic energy that propels PUPIL SLICER forward, making their snarling blend of mathcore, grindcore, death metal and more a truly essential listen.

Lyrically, Mirrors is a vehicle for vocalist Katie to process and exorcise many painful and deeply personal experiences. Abuse, social anxiety and depression are experienced through the PUPIL SLICER lense; the injustices, iniquities and oppression that many are forced to endure simply due to their existence are picked apart and formed into twelve corrosive pronouncements. Alongside the barbed, angular professions of rage sit quieter, more reflective passages of music that aim to take the listener on a journey through a variety of different circumstances and mental states, creating a holistic and immersive listening experience.

For all the disjointed chaos and jagged edges present on Mirrors – and there are many – PUPIL SLICER crafted an enticing, cohesive collection of songs that represent a marked period of time in the lives of its creators. Complemented further by the distinctive collage cover art by Nick Povey, this debut album is equal parts grit and sass.
Praise for Mirrors:

“Mirrors is sure to be one of 2021’s most exciting debut albums.” – Metal Hammer
“Overall, Mirrors is nothing short of incredible. When compared to the earliest offerings of a band like CONVERGE for example, the prospect of where PUPIL SLICER might end up should they follow a similar trajectory is beyond exciting.” – Distorted Sound
“…the band’s brand of erratic, tempo-shifting aggression would be impressive as a five-piece but the fact that this cacophony comes from just three members is fucking NUTS. Crank this.” – Knotfest

“…the band meld old-school Botch/Dillinger-style skronk and chaos with a sensibility rooted more in death metal than anything. On its own this combination might not seem especially novel, but Pupil Slicer have done it in such a way that it is. It works.” – Metal Sucks

Pupil Slicer is:
Kate Davies – Guitar/Vocals
Josh Andrews – Drums
Luke Fabian – Bass/ Additional Vocals