The Guru Guru have been happily dealing in Borderline Rock. Imagine: lead vocals wearing a multicolored strait-jacket, haunted by feverish guitars and a tormented rhythm section.

While influences are drawn from the likes of METZ, Pere Ubu, Deerhoof, The Jesus Lizard, The Mars Volta & Andy Kaufman, the indie-math- psycho-noise rulebook is torn apart, resulting in erratic songs that somehow seem to develop into wriggling earworms.

Praised for their live performances, THE GURU GURU is a must-see… With palpable, electric energy oozing from the stage, vocalist Tom Adriaenssens balances on the verge of theatrical psychosis.

Touring highlights include: ArcTanGent (UK), Portals (UK), Ment (SLO), Monkey Week (ESP), Rock Herk (BE), Sziget (HU), Pukkelpop (BE) , etc… They played +- 150 domestic and international shows (France, Spain, UK, Reunion Island, Germany, Switzerland, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia) in the last 2 years.

After releasing a promising EP, 7 inch, 10 inch (split record with fierce trio Brutus) and their debut album ‘PCHEW’, they are now ready to release their 2nd full album ‘POINT FINGERS’, produced by Wouter Vlaeminck (Raketkanon, Kapitan Korsakov, etc.), mixed by David Bottrill (King Crimson, Tool, Coheed and Cambria, etc.) and mastered by Heba Kadry (Chelsea Wolfe, Deerhunter, Lightning Bolt, etc.).


After the release of their debut-album ‘PCHEW’ and an ever- building live reputation both domestic and international, THE GURU GURU are back! With their second album they dig even deeper into the turmoil of their music and it’s non-stop madness.

‘The power of nature over reason’

After pushing musical and personal boundaries their multicolored strait-jacket vocals, feverish guitars and tormented rhythm section has evolved into an album which defines the band even more. ‘I haven’t been sincere like this before’ (- Tom The Bomb).

Instead of being in the nuthouse they now own the asylum and welcome you all to be folded origamiwise.