For Fans Of: Cult of Luna / Mogwai / Sumac

Performing on the Elephant in the Bar Room stage, sponsored by Waterbear.

Rob Duncan (Guitar & Vox) and Steve Roberts (Drums, Vox and Electronics) are
the Bristol/Gloucester duo forming the crushing post-doom band, The Road.
Fans have compared their sound to Sumac, Bongripper, Mogwai and Cult of Luna, and have always commented on the sheer power of their music live and on record.

Based in the South West, The Road emerged live in May 2018 at The Mother’s Ruin, Bristol – their debut show drew attention from the local Bristol scene and they have since been invited to support some of their heroes: Boss Keloid, Ohhms, Curse These Metal Hands, Inter Arma, Valerian Swing, Memory of Elephants, and Sugar Horse to name a few, in just their first few years.

With a sound that is seemingly impossible for 2 people to make, their live shows are gathering a reputation for being a truly awesome experience.
With the release of their debut album ‘Reverence Redacted’ in 2019 and the recent incorporation of a live percussive modular synth rig, they have the ability to create enormous soundscapes and crushing riffs on a minimal technical canvas.