For Fans Of: Yob / Mastodon / Torche

We are beyond excited to have been asked to perform at ATG this year, to be amongst some of our favourite artists at one of our favorite UK festivals is a dream! 

No longer new to the fold, despite having only formed in 2016, for vocalist/drummer Tyler Hodges and guitarist Tom Dimmock, Their recent upcoming works ‘Matriach’, marks a significant shift in perspective for the duo. Recorded by Joe Clayton of ‘No Studio’ it ushered in a sea change in scope and sound, which, over its 40 mins of devastating riffage it captures a punishing progressive sludge and savage, sub-world vistas. Soundscapes shaped by moments of dark brooding doom and relentlessly riff-heavy and psychedelically charged movements. 

For Hodges and Dimmock the chemistry they share is unshakeable, both live and in the studio, having grown up together listening to the likes of YOB, Mastodon and Torche.

Still in their twenties both bring an unmistakable energy and ferocity that has marked them out as UK Sludge Metal’s most exciting prospects. Tuskar truly is a band that needs to be witnessed live, but they will also crush you in the comfort of your front room as well.