For Fans Of: Boards of Canada / Mogwai / Tim Hecker

Performing on the Elephant in the Bar Room stage, sponsored by Waterbear.

Now solely the project of founder member Gavin Miller, worriedaboutsatan is an intriguing proposition. After the departure of long-term band member Thomas Ragsdale last year, a period of reflection nearly saw the band dissolve completely, but after a bit of soul searching, Miller decided to continue the worriedaboutsatan name, albeit now adapted into a solo project.

Such trials and tribulations eventually manifested themselves into a new look worriedaboutsatan, with a sound slightly shifted from what had gone before. Almost as a throwback to the brief period in 2005 where the band was the sole focus of Miller, the worriedaboutsatan sound morphed into a more atmospheric exercise in layers of swirling guitar, languid synths and bubbling drum machine percussion, all of which feature prominently on Time Lapse, an album which features some of the first material written for worriedaboutsatan as a solo project.

After over a decade of existence, worriedaboutsatan is still here, still looking forward and still occupying that space between electronic pulses and human emotion.