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Please read & agree to our terms & conditions by clicking the checkbox here

By applying to trade, it is essential that you understand that ArcTanGent is now a cashless site, and all transactions that are processed over the weekend do not use cash, rather they are facilitated by using RFID technology on wristbands.

By completing the application process you acknowledge that you are happy to trade in this cashless environment, and abide by the our rules and processes to facilitate the best possible user experience for our mutual customers.

Any concession holder found to be accepting cash transactions during the weekend will have their stall closed and will be charged a fee in accordance with our concession holder Cashless terms and conditions (see below).

Please see the FAQ copied below in relation to the most common questions raised by concession holders unfamiliar with the cashless RFID system.

Terms & Conditions

  • Definitions
    1. In these terms and conditions the terms you or yours refers to the person or organisation that is applying for a pitch from which to trade.
  • Application procedure.
    1. A signed copy of these terms and conditions (electronically signed), together with your completed application form must be received before any application can be considered. Once a pitch is offered a non-refundable deposit of £500 must be received (by BACS) by March 30th.
    2. Failure to send this deposit will result in the offer being revoked and offered to another stall.  All necessary certificates including Public Liability Insurance, PAT, GAS SAFE and local council registration details must be sent electronically by the 1st of June (details in any offers made). Failure to send these documents may result in the offer being revoked and offered to another stall.
  • Payment
    1. A deposit of £500 by March 30th.

    2. Final balance will be deducted from your turnover & will be transferred to your nominated bank account within 1 week of the end of the festival. (Usually within 3 working days).
    3. You understand that if your stall is accepted, the £500 deposit is non-refundable.
    4. If your stall cannot make it to the festival for whatever reason & 3 months notice is not provided in writing/ email then you will be liable for the entire pitch fee including electricity. For the avoidance of doubt this balance will be the fee you paid the previous year +VAT or £1,500 + VAT whichever is higher.

  • Cashless Payment System
    1. Paper Cup Productions Ltd operates a cashless payment system at ArcTanGent festival, and you acknowledge that it is mandatory for you to exclusively use this payment system during the event.
    2. You agree that:
      1. You will only use the Playpass cashless system provided to you by the Paper Cup Productions Ltd to process all transactions during the event;
      2. You will not accept cash (or card payments) for any transaction during the event for any reason whatsoever;
  • Paper Cup Productions Ltd may use test purchasers during the event to ascertain whether any of the trading stalls are accepting cash payments
  1. If you are found to be accepting cash or card payments, Paper Cup Productions Ltd may take the following actions:
    • Immediately close your stall for the remainder of the event;
    • Terminate any power supply to your trading stall;
    • Raise an invoice in respect of the loss of trading fees owing to Paper Cup Productions Ltd, calculated as follows:
      • 20% of the turnover of your stall up to the point of termination; and
      • At the rate of £2,000 per day or part thereof from the point that your stall was closed.
  • Insurance
    1. You are obliged to take out insurance to cover any hazard or loss, which may occur at the festival. This must include public liability insurance for no less than £2,000,000.
  • Losses
    1. You agree that Paper Cup Productions Ltd or any of their designated representatives are not responsible or hold any liability for any financial losses, or for any loss or damage of your equipment goods or personal belongings, or personal injury of representatives working for or connected to you or for any members of the general public attending this festival or event which are directly or indirectly incurred by you whatsoever.
  • On Site
    1. Paper Cup Productions Ltd and their designated representatives are solely responsible for the allocation of pitch sites.
    2. You may not sub-contract your stall or any part of your stall.
    3. Access to the site is from 9am on the Wednesday before the festival opens, unless previously agreed otherwise. Please include your proposed arrival/departure dates/times. Whilst we will make every effort to accommodate your timings Paper Cup Productions Ltd reserves the right to restrict entry and exit and vehicle movements in line with festival regulations.
    4. The number of passes available for your crew will be agreed in advance and shown on your application/ confirmation sheet.
    5. Arrival time is dependant on where you’re situated on our site. Due to our new opening time of Wednesday 4pm, selected traders will need to be ready to trade and available for inspection by the appointed representatives of Paper Cup Productions Ltd and the appointed offices of the local authority, fire and police services. Once confirmed to trade, your site location will be appointed along with necessary arrival time.
    6. Failure to arrive on site by this time before the festival will constitute a breach of this agreement, and you agree to pay compensation of either a) the fixed pitch fee which you have agreed, or b) the sum of [£2,000], being a genuine estimate of the fee which Paper Cup Productions Ltd would be have been entitled to receive had you not breached this agreement.
    7. Trading is from 9am until 3am on each day of the festival (Thursday – Saturday). However, if you’re one of our selected early entry traders, you will be required to open on Wednesday 4pm.
    8. If you wish to trade on the Sunday please note that there is no entertainment on the Sunday and attendees have to vacate the site by 3 pm.
    9. The number of vehicles you are allowed on site will be agreed in advance and shown on your confirmation sheet.
    10. Vehicles moving across site must not exceed 5 mph.  In an instance of adverse weather conditions, a ban on all vehicle movement across site may be imposed.
    11. Vehicle movement on Sunday before 3pm is extremely restricted. There will be attendees throughout the arenas, making vehicle movement hazardous.
    12. Vehicle movement across site is subject to change, you must at all times follow directions from the Stalls Manager, members of The Stalls Team or representatives of Paper Cup Productions Ltd.
    13. Vehicles must keep off the grass at all times unless instructed to do so. Trackway will be provided throughout the site to ensure seamless movement.
    14. There are no plastic or polystyrene containers/ eating utensils allowed on site, only biodegradable paper, card, cornstarch and wooden disposables are allowed.  This is to reduce the amount of waste produced and maximise recycling/ composting potential of the event.
    15. No amplified music or PA systems are permitted. Persistent breach of this term will result in the closure of your stall as it will interfere with the terms of our licence. *If you breach this clause you agree to pay a fine of £1,000 which will be deducted from your turnover.*
    16. Care should be taken not to cause any damage or change to the site, or to any of the fittings, equipment or any other property belonging to the site or to Paper Cup Productions Ltd or their designated representatives; You shall pay for any damage, including accidental damage caused.
    17. You shall ensure that your designated pitch has been left tidy and in good order and that Paper Cup Productions Ltd or their designated representatives have deemed it so.  Any cost for cleaning your site will be charged to you.
    18. If you require live in vehicles on site, this must be agreed in advance. Any vehicles which have not been pre-authorised will be allocated in the overflow campervan area in the car park of the site, and charged at £100 per vehicle, and this will be added to your pitch fee.
  • Fire / Gas / Electricity / Water
    1. Traders must not tamper with their power or water supply. If traders experience any issue with the power or water supplied, they must contact the trader liaison who will speak to the supplier to get the issue sorted. Any damage caused by interference by the trader to the power or water will result in all costs being passed on to the trader.
    2. All gas appliances must comply with the relevant regulations and must be certified by a registered GAS SAFE engineer; GAS SAFE testing must have been carried out within the year preceding July 2019, all GAS SAFE certification must be sent no later than the 1st of June.
    3. All stalls must supply a 5kg dry powder fire extinguisher (tested within the year preceding this July) and a fire blanket.
    4. Your site fee does not include electricity; you must order and pay for your electricity in advance using this form.
    5. All electrical equipment used within your stall must have portable appliance testing (PAT) certification from a qualified electrical engineer; PAT testing must have been carried out within the year preceding this coming July, copies of certification must be sent prior to arrival at the festival.
    6. All wastewater must be disposed of in the tanks provided, and not be poured onto the ground; the digging of sumps and soak-aways is prohibited;
  • Prohibited Items
    1. You are obliged not to supply for purchase or gift, prohibited items including alcohol in any form whatsoever i.e. liqueur-coffees, herbal highs (including Nitrous Oxide), tobacco products, tin foil barbeques, kites, or any form of flammable equipment;
  • Health and Safety
    1. You must supply details of your registration with your local authority on application, no applications will be accepted without registration details.
    2. Ensure that all working practices comply with the regulations as outlined in the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.
    3. Ensure that all working practices comply within the regulations as outlined in the Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992;
    4. Ensure that all working practices comply with the regulations as outlined in the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992;
    5. Ensure that all working practices comply with the regulations as outlined in the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1992;
    6. Ensure that all working practices comply with the Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations 1995;
    7. Ensure that all working practices comply with Food Safety (Temperature Control) Regulations 1995;
    8. Ensure that all delivery, storage, containment, usage and removal of flammable liquids comply with the regulations contained in the following: The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1992, The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, Highly Flammable Liquids and Liquefied Petroleum Gases Regulations 1972;
  • Non-compliance
    1. Paper Cup Productions Ltd and their designated representatives reserve the right to remove you from the festival site, if you do not comply with the obligations as outlined within this document.
    2. You may not be permitted to operate your stall or outlet if you do not satisfy the licensing requirements of the Local Authority; Paper Cup Productions Ltd and their designated representatives cannot accept any responsibility or liability for any losses whatsoever if this situation occurs & your full pitch fee will still be payable.
    3. You may not be permitted to operate your stall or outlet if you do not satisfy the reasonable requests of Paper Cup Productions Ltd and its agents in relation to the safe conduct, set-up, and operation of your stall.  Paper Cup Productions Ltd and their designated representatives cannot accept any responsibility or liability for any losses whatsoever if this situation occurs
    4. You agree to abide by the above clauses and indemnify Paper Cup Productions Ltd their designated representatives against any claim, loss or liability arising from a breach of the above clauses/ regulations.
    5. If you arrive before Wednesday midday with any temperature sensitive food you must have adequate means to keep said food at the required temperature e.g in a refrigerated van until such time as the site electrics are live.  If food/ meat is found to arrive outside of temperature control the council EHO & our Health & Safety Advisor will ask you to dispose of these items of food at your own cost.  Paper Cup Productions Ltd cannot take any responsibility for any such occurrence and it is the stall holders responsibility to ensure adequate temperature control on arrival and at all times during the event.


I / we understand our obligations and regulations as laid out in this agreement and hereby undertake to abide by them, and the instructions of Paper Cup Productions Ltd or their designated representatives;

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What does Cashless mean here?

Whilst ‘cashless’ can be applied as a general term to any form of payment that doesn’t involve bank-issued notes and coins, in this case it refers specifically to payments made using wristbands fitted with microchips, using a technology called RFID. This will be the only form of payment accepted inside the event.

Why Go Cashless?

  1. Due to the many moving parts at a live event, cashless payments is fast becoming recognised as the global best practice at festivals around the world
  2. Cashless payments make the festival experience easier, faster and safer for visitors & traders alike
  3. Festival-goers can load credits to their wristband before they arrive at the event or as soon as they are onsite, no need to keep their cash or credit cards in a tent or locker – their funds are on their wristband, attached to them at all times, making it hassle-free all weekend
  4. The Auto TopUp feature means they don’t even have to go anywhere to load more funds when they need them
  5. If a customer loses their wristband, they can get a new one with the balance intact – you can’t do that with cash
  6. It makes service at the bars and vendors much faster and reduces queues, which is great for everyone
  7. If a customer doesn’t spend all of the money loaded on their wristband, they can quickly and easily request this money back online after the event

How will this benefit me specifically as a vendor?

Cashless has a number of major advantages over cash for you as a festival vendor, such as:

  1. You no longer have to worry about any cash management (bringing change, tills, trusting staff, secure storage and transport of money, counting money, etc. – saving you a lot of effort, time and money)
  2. Festival-goers spend more in a cashless environment (because it’s easier for them to do so) so your takings will be greater
  3. The system will provide you with detailed, accurate reports of your takings, broken down by itemised product sales over time
  4. The point of sale terminals you are provided with can show a record of the sales made each day on the device for handy reference
  5. The system is super-robust and can work perfectly without internet or power, so there is no risk of the system failing and you not being able to trade for any duration. The only event that could disrupt service is if you break or lose your point of sale device. If this happens, the onsite support team will replace it within minutes

What is RFID and how does it work? 

RFID stands for radio frequency identification. The technology uses electromagnetic fields to transfer data for the purpose of automatically identifying and tracking tags attached to objects, in this case wristbands.

The cashless system uses RFID to write electronic credits on to the chip when people TopUp funds and debits them when they buy something.

Is it secure? 

Yes extremely – this system uses military-grade encryption, making it more secure than online banking and other identification technologies like magnet stripes or contactless credit/debit cards. There is no risk of money or data theft from the system and, if someone loses their wristband, they have not lost their money – it can be instantly transferred to a new wristband if you have registered a personal account.

Is it reliable?

Absolutely – the system we use PlayPass was designed to be fail-safe at outdoor events, able to operate without internet or power and has been used flawlessly at hundreds of festivals and other events around the world. It was built to have no central point of failure. This means that the worst case scenario is that an individual scanning device (such as a payment terminal on a bar) or wristband becomes damaged or lost. In both instances, they can be very quickly replaced on-site, ensuring continuous service throughout the event. There is no instance in which the ‘system’ as a whole can go down or malfunction.

Who is providing the system and what are their credentials?

Our supplier is a highly successful and well-established international company called PlayPass who have earned a flawless track record for the delivery cashless payment systems to hundreds of live events including music festivals of all shapes and sizes, all over the world, for more than 5 years.

PlayPass’ clients include some of the world’s largest events and promoters from Live Nation to the Formula 1 Grand Prix. You can see many of these here: http://www.playpass.be/what-we-do

PlayPass has major financial backing from a Swiss financial technology group Sandpiper Digital Payments, an in-house team of over 40 staff and operations in more than 16 countries across 5 continents. They have serviced more events in the UK than any other provider and without any issues.

Why is RFID better for traders than other types of cashless like tokens or credit/debit cards?

RFID is by far the best payment technology for use inside live events because:

Unlike credit/debit card payments:

  • You don’t have to pay a commission fee to any banks
  • You don’t need any internet/3G signal to process the payments, making it much faster and more robust
  • If someone loses their wristband, they can get easily another one whilst still at the event with their balance intact
  • You get full transparent reporting on every individual product sold

Unlike tokens:

  • You are free to set whatever prices you like for your products – ie. you are not limited by set token units
  • You don’t have to worry about human error or staff pocketing tokens
  • Visitors can get unspent credits back after the event, so they spend money more readily than they would in a token environment

What equipment do I need to use to take cashless payments?

All you need to take payments is a point-of-sale device which will be provided to you with your product menu and prices pre-loaded into it. The vendors will be shown how to use the device, which only takes a few minutes. This is a handheld device the size of a smartphone which can be worn around the neck of the vendor. Each product you are selling has its own hotkey button on the device. To take an order, the vendor just needs to key it into the device by pressing the hotkey for each product in the order, and the customer places their wristband against the device to complete the order. The sale amount is deducted from the customer’s wristband and credited to the vendor’s revenue account held by the event. It’s a very quick and easy procedure.

Do I have to pay for my point of sale device(s)?

No. But if you lose the POS device we will charge you the replacement cost.

What happens if I accidentally key-in an incorrect order?

As with a standard till or PDQ terminal, an order can be very easily amended on the device before taking payment from the customer.

What happens if an order needs to be corrected after the customer has paid?

Each vendor’s manager will be provided with a special card that can be used to cancel the last payment made, so the customer can be automatically refunded and the order re-made. These cards are restricted for use by managers to prevent the potential for misuse by staff, for example using them to refund friends after they have made a purchase through the system.

How do customers load credits onto their wristbands?

People will be encouraged to load credits online via the festival website before they arrive, so they can make purchases as soon as they are through the gates. They will also be able to topup their funds onsite, either by visiting one of the topup stations inside the event, using their own smartphone to make an online topup or by using the Auto TopUp facility, that lets them topup during a purchase if they have insufficient funds to complete it.

How do people know how much money they have left on their wristbands?

Customers can check their balances any time by placing their wristband on any point of sale device or – if they have a smartphone with internet/3G access – by checking their account online. 

What happens if someone tries to make a payment but doesn’t have enough credit?

When the customer places their wristband against the point of sale device to make a payment, the device will clearly flag if they have insufficient funds. If the vendor is online (the event/trader manager can advise you on this), the customer will be given the opportunity to request an Automatic Topup (if they have activated this feature in their account). If they do this, the system will then automatically topup their credit and complete the payment successfully.

If the vendor is not online or the customer has not activated Auto Topup in their account, the payment will be declined and they will need to visit one of the onsite TopUp stations to load more credit on to their wristband in the same way as you might direct them to the nearest ATM if they don’t have enough cash.

What do I do if a customer has an issue with the system?

If a customer has any enquiries about the system or if they seem to be experiencing an issue with their wristband, just direct them to the Cashless Info Desk in the festival where the customer service staff will be delighted to assist them.

How do I get my products and prices into the system?

Prior to the start of the event, the festival’s trader manager will consult with you to collect the necessary information about your products and prices, so these can be programmed into the system by the cashless team.

What if I want to add a new product or change the price one during the event?

Just visit the cashless office onsite any time during operational hours and the staff will be able to assist you at the earliest convenience. This office can get very busy during the event so we would urge you to try to set your product lists and prices as definitively as possible before the festival.

What happens if I have a problem with my point of sale device?

The onsite cashless team will be on-hand to support you with any technical issues or enquiries, including ensuring the batteries are always charged.

You will be responsible for ensuring your point of sale device is not damaged, lost or stolen, however.

How do I keep track of my takings?

At multi-day events, the cashless office onsite will be able to provide you with a daily report of the previous day’s takings each morning while the event is in progress.

For all events, at the end of the event, when you return your point of sale device(s) to the cashless office, you will be given a final report.

Also, each point of sale device stores a history of sales made using it, which you can refer to at any time for a quick snapshot.

Where is the money held?

When customers topup funds, the money they pay goes directly into a secure account held by the festival. The cashless provider does not have access to these funds.

These funds cannot be withdrawn until after the event has settled with all traders, after the event.

How do I know the reports provided by the event are accurate?

PlayPass will provide upon request an independent validation of any reporting data relating to a specific trader to that trader after the event. For this service, traders should contact info@playpass.eu within a timeframe of 12 months from the last day of the event.

The point of sale device(s) issued to each trader will display a real-time record of the individual transaction histories and an overall transaction total recorded on that device at the event. The trader may keep their own record of this data which should correlate with the information subsequently provided to them by the event.

How and when do I receive my money?

We understand that cashflow is king. Therefore the traders manager will aim to do this on the Sunday of the event. However it will certainly be paid 5 working days of the event.

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