ArcTanGent is intended to be a safe space for each and every individual that attends, regardless of race, gender, physical ability or sexual-orientation. Our staff and security are on site to ensure you have the best possible experience, so if you feel uncomfortable at any time, you can report this to a member of staff or a security guard and they will help you. ArcTanGent celebrates bringing people together, so please look out for your fellow festival-goers.


Entry into ArcTanGent is subject to body and/or bag search. ArcTanGent and the appointed security team have the right to confiscate items which are prohibited and to remove people from the site if required, in order to safeguard other festival-goers.


ArcTanGent has 24 hour security and stewards between the hours of 0800 – 0000. Security and stewards are approachable at all times to help you with whatever you need.

Please take care of your valuables if you must bring them to site. If you don’t need them, please do leave them at home.

Bag searches will be conducted upon entry. Please allow time for queues, entry procedures, ticket checks and searches. ArcTanGent and the appointed security team have the right to confiscate items which are prohibited and to remove people from the site if required, in order to safeguard other festival-goers. Anyone in possession of prohibited items will be refused entry; in this instance, no refunds will be issued.


  • Illegal Substances
  • Disposable BBQs – Due to the unprecedented extreme hot and dry weather, we are enforcing no BBQs or stoves on the farm at all this year.
  • Weapons
  • Sharp Objects
  • Glass
  • Pyrotechnics / Flares / Fireworks
  • Animals (with the acceptance of previously agreed assistance dogs)
  • Lasers / Laser pens
  • SLR and Professional cameras (unless you have been granted a press pass)


Please visit our ID page for further information on age restrictions.


ArcTanGent has a zero-tolerance drug policy. Any illegal drugs will be confiscated and the police may decide to prosecute. There is a drug amnesty bin prior to the first security check should you wish to dispose of any illegal substances you have carried onto the site. Poppers, and Nitrous Oxide are also strictly prohibited from site and may result those found carrying or using it being removed from site. Please be aware of the dangers of illegal highs, we discourage you from using them due to the unknown side effects they may cause.

If you or any of your friends are feeling unwell, regardless of whether or not you have consumed illegal substances, you can visit our on-site welfare and first aid team who will be able to help you.


Anyone 18 years and over can bring in either a crate of beer/cider or one bottle of spirits (decanted into a plastic container – no glass on site). This is a stipulation of our license. Anyone bringing extra alcohol onto the site may have it confiscated so that our license is not compromised. Please drink responsibly. Buying alcohol for those under the age of 18 is prohibited by law.


If an emergency occurs, our security team will advise you what to do.

In the unlikely event that you witness or are a victim of a crime at the ArcTanGent, please inform a member of our staff, stewards or security personnel as soon as possible and they will be able to help you. The sooner an incident is reported, the quicker we can act.

If you need to contact the Avon and Somerset Police to report a non-emergency crime or to provide information on a crime while at the festival, please call 101. In the unlikely event that you are unable to find a member of staff or security, please call 999.


Stewards are available to help you during your time at ArcTanGent; whether it is asking for directions, lost property enquiries or to high -five them on your way past.

Please visit our welfare section of the site for further information.


Admission to the ArcTanGent is at Ticket Holder’s risk. ArcTanGent (Paper Cup Productions Ltd) and the Premises Licence Holder will not be held liable for any loss, injuries or damages sustained at the event including damage, theft or losses to property and motor vehicles if the cause is due to the negligence of the ticket holder or the actions of other patrons or thirds parties or force majeure.


If you have lost property on-site, please come to the Festival Reception. A member of our lost property team will be available to accept lost property, logging found items, and putting them into a secure holding area until it can be reunited with its owner. If you have lost an item and it’s after the festival, scan this QR code to find out if it has been handed in.