December 17, 2019

Pay attention Bond… We’re really excited to announce that ArcTanGent is going completely cashless again this year. But NOT quite like last year….

This year we are going truly cashless and you will be able to pay with your debit card/ phone or watch. No wristbands, no cash, no fuss.

That’s right, we’re moving from cashless wristbands this year.  So now you can just pay for stuff as you go. Just like you do in the real world!

This has the advantage that you no longer have to set up an account ahead of time, preload funds or set up auto top ups.  AND best of all, there’s no need to claim any leftover money on your wristbands as a refund after the festival. You’ll instead be able to just tap & pay like you do IRL. Spend only the funds you need, when you need them & then spend more time partying.

The only bit of advice we’d give… Make sure you bring a debit/ credit card as a back up.
If you only use your phone to pay for stuff in the real world – make sure you have the ability to charge said phone.  As you may know, festival fields sap phone batteries!!!

We can definitely recommend those USB battery packs for effective field living.  But it would probably be a good idea to also have a solid backup payment option. Like a debit/ credit card (remember those)??? Just in case your phone is out of action for whatever reason.