The site opens on Wednesday at 12pm and closes on Sunday at 2pm. Full details about our opening times can be found here

Full details about ID can be found here


No worries at all – just drop us an email at [email protected] and we’ll happily change your day ticket.

Due to our GoCardless system, we are unable to send an ArcTanGent branded confirmation email. However, you will receive an email from GoCardless once your account has been setup. Sometimes GoCardless confirmations are delayed or end up in your junk mail. If you do not receive it 24 hours after setup, please email [email protected]

We are able to change names or email addresses on any instalment tickets – please email us at [email protected] and we can help. Unfortunately, we’re unable to change bank details once the direct debit is set up, so please make sure you use a bank account which you don’t intend to change before the end of the instalments.

If you’ve missed a payment on your instalment, no need to worry. GoCardless will attempt to take the payment again a few days later, but if you miss this again please contact us at [email protected] and we will try to reinstate your instalment plan.

Have no fear, we will be in contact before the festival and will send you an official ticket. You can expect the ticket 2 – 3 weeks before ArcTanGent

Please email us at [email protected] and we will try our best to support you and make arrangements with your instalment ticket.

Yes, you can upgrade your ticket at any time. Drop us an email at [email protected] and we will help you.

Unfortunately, not. You can buy your parking or children’s tickets through our tickets page.


The site opens on Wednesday at 12pm and closes on Sunday at 2pm. Full details about our opening times can be found here

Yes, you will require a campervan ticket. You can buy one from our tickets page

Yes, if you need to park in our accessible parking, please mention this to our carpark stewards and they will direct you.

Please visit Getting to ArcTanGent page for details on how to get to the festival.

Please visit Getting to ArcTanGent page for all travel options.


ArcTanGent is a safe and friendly event. For full details about our security measures please visit our security page.

Yes, but you must bring a parent or guardian with you.

Yes, please email pa[at]arctangent[dot]co[dot]uk and one of our welfare team will help you.

Yes, ArcTanGent offers a Personal Assistant ticket scheme. Please email pa[at]arctangent[dot]co[dot]uk and one of our welfare team will provide you with more information.

Our wristband team work very hard to ensure everyone gets into the site as quickly as possible so if there is a queue, you shouldn’t be queuing for long. You are welcome to enter the site and set up your tent prior to getting your wristband, so if you see a queue, you can simply chill at your tent until the queue has died down.

You’re welcome to leave the festival at any time. There is no re-entry after 10pm.

ArcTanGent takes place on a working farm, so pets are not permitted. If you require an assistance dog, please do let us know by emailing pa[at]arctangent[dot]co[dot]uk

Anyone 18 years and over can bring in either a crate of beer/cider or one bottle of spirits (decanted into a plastic container – no glass on site). This is a stipulation of our license. Anyone bringing extra alcohol onto the site may have it confiscated so that our license is not compromised. Please drink responsibly. Buying alcohol for those under the age of 18 is prohibited by law.

Please visit our What To Bring page.

Please visit our What To Bring page.

ArcTanGent is a safe and friendly event. For full details about our security measures please visit our Security page. and our Welafe page. for further information about our safer spaces.

Whether you’re an ArcTanGent newbie or you’ve been every year, there is something on the Festival Safe site.for everyone. Festival Safe offers plenty of advice on how to be festival-ready, whether it’s helping you to decide what tent to buy or how to cope with portaloos! Festival Safe has plenty of useful information to help make your ArcTanGent experience the best possible.

We are working to ensure we have a trader on site that can provide mobile phone charging facilities.

This depends on your network and the weather. Fernhill Farm does not have the best reception for mobile phones, so it is best not to be dependent on them.

ArcTanGent is a small site, so if you lose your friends, you should find them easily enough. You can always arrange to meet at the information point within wristband exchange if you lose your friends. Alternatively, decided on a meeting point on site where you will all meet if you get lost; perhaps in the merch tent or in one of our bars.

ArcTanGent is a really friendly festival so you'll meet people in no time. You can also meet people before hand on our social media channels. Or alternatively you could join our steward team.

We are working to ensure we have a trader on site that can provide locker facilities.


Weekend tickets include camping onsite. You will need to bring your own tent. Alternatively, you can book one of our boutique or pre-pitched camping options by visiting our glamping page.

Once you have purchased your VIP ticket and purchased your boutique or pre-pitched camping option, please contact Tangerine Fields who will be able to ensure your tent is pitched in the VIP camp site.

For alternative accommodation options please see our Camping and Accommodation page.

At the moment, showers are only provided for VIPs. Showers for VIPs are included in your ticket price. We are working towards providing showers in the general campsite. Updates will follow.


There are card readers at all bars and some traders also have card readers. However, taking payment by card is not always viable due to poor signal on site so it is best to have some cash on you just in case.

Yes, there will be cash machines on site.


Please keep an eye on our socials and mailing list for up-to-date information. You can also check our Line Up page.

Our line up can be see on our Line Up page.

You can sort our line up by day on our Line Up page.

You can get a clashfinder on site from the merch tent, in the main arena.


Check out our VIP page to find out what’s in our luxury VIP package.

No need to buy your child a VIP ticket but all teen tickets (13 – 15 year olds) will need to upgrade to VIP. 16+ also need a VIP ticket but must be accompanied by an adult.

Unfortunately, not. Only VIP ticket holders have access to our VIP camping site. If you want to camp with your mates, feel free to camp in our general camping.

No, all our VIP ticket holders receive free parking in our VIP parking area.

Unfortunately we don’t have space for campervans in VIP but you will still have access to the VIP area/bar/showers.

Please use the postcode BS40 6LD to get to the VIP entrance. This entrance is on Cheddar Road, just off of the B3134.


Our Crowdfunder is currently still live and we welcome anymore donations. However, we are no longer providing rewards. We appreciate all the supporters and donations which kept ATG alive so much! You can visit our Crowdfunder here:

After our we reached our Crowdfunder goal, we emailed all our pledgees with information about how to claim their reward. If you have not received this, please check your junkmail for an email from us. If you cannot find this, please email [email protected]


You can earn money by bringing your mates to the festival with you. You’ll get your own private ticket link which you share with your friends and when they buy their tickets you earn money.

Unfortunately not – your mates will need to purchase their tickets through your personal link otherwise we can’t track how much they’ve spent.