ArcTanGent has a zero-tolerance policy towards any kind of sexual assault or harassment at our festival.

We define sexual assault as “Any unwanted sexual act or activity”. There are many different kinds of sexual violence including but not restricted to rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment. We take all allegations of sexual harassment, assault and violence seriously and will be acted upon promptly and investigated.

Such actions and behaviour will not be tolerated at our event and suspects of such offenses will be pursued and may be ejected from the festival. We will work with the police to support investigations and charging decisions.

We will have the following support services available onsite: Festival Samaritans, Information Point (in Wristband Exchange), Security and Event Control.

If something happens to you or if you are a witness, please report it to the nearest steward or security guard. If you don’t feel comfortable reporting onsite that is completely fine, you can email report[at]arctangent[dot]co[dot]uk at the festival or when you get home.

We take all reports incredibly seriously and will take a survivor-led approach to all forms of sexual assault.