Association of Independent Festivals initiatives

ArcTanGent are a member of the Association of Independent Festivals, a trades body association. The AIF has several campaigns and initiatives. ArcTanGent has signed up to the following initiatives pledges.

Drastic on Plastic
Tackling single use plastic. Read more about it here:

Take Your Tent Home
Reducing the impact of abandoned tents. Read more about it here:

Reusable Cups

At ArcTanGent, we have reusable cups available at every bar. When you arrive on-site you pay a small deposit for a cup, and every time you come to the bar, we exchange it for a clean one topped up with a beverage of your choice. At the end of the festival, you can either keep your cup or bring it back to the bar to reclaim your deposit.

Tuned in Travel

Tuned in Travel are our preferred travel partner. They offset the carbon generated by travel to and from ArcTanGent for the services they provide.  

Tuned in Travel are dedicated to reducing the carbon emissions generated by festivals. Travel is an essential component of any festival, however, it contributes between 60%-80% to the event’s overall carbon footprint. As a result, we will offset every Tuned in Travel passenger’s carbon footprint through a donation ‘Ecolibrium’. 

Ecolibrium is a charity that works to tackle the environmental impacts of travel by supporting organisations and individuals to reduce, record and balance travel-related carbon emissions. Ecolibrium provides a Travel Carbon Calculator to calculate the emissions from journeys and the opportunity to balance those emissions through their climate solutions programmes, Energy Revolution which invests in projects that create renewable energy or Trees+ which supports tree planting, reforestation and the protection of threatened rainforest. 

Toilet Waste and Waste Water

Fernhill Farm has a WET system on-site, which is a reed bed system. A reed bed is a natural filtration system that can be used to treat and improve water quality prior to discharging into the environment. It utilises the ability of a reed to transport oxygen to the soil, hence encouraging microorganisms to digest the contaminants in the effluent. The toilet waste and wastewater generated by ArcTanGent stays on-site, is filtered through the WET system, and is then used by the farm as greywater for animals or to top up their lake.