We know that money’s a bit tight for some of you right now, so we’ve just launched our Buy Now Pay Later tickets.

Pay what you can afford now & then pay the rest when summer rolls around. That way you can reserve the ticket you want before it sells out.

These will only be available until the end of April so if you want to take up this option don’t hang about.

A Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) ticket essentially reserves a full price ticket (3 or 4 Day standard or VIP) until August 1st. You can choose to pay £20, £50, or £100 now, then pay the rest later via DICE.

Simply click the links to get started, but please read the instructions below so you know how to complete the process.


  1. If you require more than one ticket, the other person in question must set up their own separate payment with the links above.
  2. To pay the balance on a Buy Now Pay Later ticket we’ll send you a unique promo code for use on the DICE app at the start of May. This will get you access to either a 3 Day, 4 Day, 3 Day VIP or 4 Day VIP ticket at the £20, £50 or £100 OFF you’ve already paid.
  3. 4 Day or 4 Day VIP ticket can only be reserved until June 1st.
  4. These tickets are non refundable & to guarantee a 4 Day ticket you must pay off the full balance by the 1st of June.
  5. If you set up more than 1 ticket above we cannot make a refund or transfer that to anyone else. Please do not set up more than 1 Buy Now Pay Later ticket or you may over pay for your festival ticket.
  6. After June 1st any 4 Day tickets reserved under this scheme will go back on general sale & once these are sold out you will only be able to get a 3 Day ticket when you come to upgrade.
  7. These BNPL tickets are not valid on 2 Day tickets, Day or Evening tickets or any other ticket type other than 3 Day/ 3 Day VIP & 4 Day/ 4 Day VIP.


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